Guest FAQ and Rental Policies

The boat is not intended for navigation. It cannot be driven by clients. We carry small engines for purposes of maintenance only.

If you plan on doing activities in and around Ft Lauderdale, you probably do not need a car. A lot of local attractions are a short to moderate walking distance. Cabs and rideshares are popular options.

Limited parking is available around the building lot. There are also a few free parking spots available where the canal abuts the road at a short distance from the boat. (Review signs and park at your own discretion)

Please walk on the lot towards the two story houseboat. Please proceed with caution if you choose to walk on the seawall as there are obstacles like docking cleats. If you choose to walk through the lot, walk closer to the seawall. Steps will take you to the seawall and you can cross into the boat. Beware of tides – low tides mean the boat is furthest away. You can use the on-board stairwell or the step to get inside the boat. If it is high tide, you won’t need either the stairwell or the step on the boat. Please exercise caution while getting on and off the boat. Travel with judicious luggage (preferably duffel bags / back packs / smaller suitcases).

Travel light and perhaps with duffel bags/ small suitcases. Please proceed with caution if you need to get on and off the boat during tidal variations. No climbing on ledges. Plan on bringing beach wear, beach towels, sun block, insect spray. Plenty of marine and park activities are available. In winter, it would probably be useful to carry a light jacket and may be warm pajamas for those odd days when the temperature goes down.

There are restaurants and stores with a mile. You need to walk down the street and turn right on the main road.

There are a couple of laundry facilities within a three mile radius.

  • Please leave trash bags in the adjacent utility room (opposite to the kitchen) for the Cleaning service. You can put limited trash in the trash bins by the street.
  • Please consider setting the thermostat between 73 and 75 degrees during your stay, and 77 degrees on your way out. Boat consumes a fair amount of electricity.
  • Avoid disposing greasy stuff such as cooking oil or fats in the kitchen sink. Grey water goes to the rivers.
  • Throwaway any leftover food in the trash before washing utensils/plates in the sink.
  • Marine heads take only marine(single ply) toilet paper. All other items go into the trash can and into the toilet. No feminine products in the toilet
  • Tendency is for guests to use the master toilet downstairs, more than the other two. Please distribute usage - since we have two marine tanks. one fills up more than the second. It helps with waste disposal.
  • There is no smoking or e-cigarettes permitted on the boat.
  • We have a magnetic stove. Please use the onboard utensils to heat which is very efficient. Note: If you wear pacemakers, please consult your physician or stay away from the stove (we do have a makeshift electric camp stove below the sink).

  • Room 1 - 1st floor cabin - has a queen bed.
  • Room 2 - 1st floor cabin has a twin bed. Living room has a futon.
  • Room3 – 2nd floor queen bed. Adjacent pilot room has a study table.
  • Room 4 – Open area twin-size bunk beds. Two futons in the game room.